Abhiyuday Mishra aka SkyLord Death and Obituary, Popular YouTuber Abhiyuday Mishra dies in road accident

The death and obituary of popular YouTuber Abhiyuday Mishra, also known as SkyLord, who was killed in a car accident is now available. Abhiyuday Mishra passed away on Monday as a result of injuries he sustained in a road accident while on a biking tour, according to an announcement made by the popular YouTube channel SkyLord.

According to reports, SkyLord was in a collision on Sunday around 2:00 p.m., which took place in the afternoon. While SkyLord was participating in an MP Tourism Riding Tour, the news agency Dainik Bhaskar reported that he was involved in a collision with a truck.

Mishra was born in Indore, and he currently has more than 1.5 million subscribers between YouTube and Instagram. Mishra and a group of other motorcyclists kicked off their expedition known as “Riders in the wild” on September 21 in Khajuraho. This trip was supported financially by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board.

The biking competition was scheduled to come to an end on September 27, one day after he passed away; World Tourism Day was the day in question. The event was supposed to take place in four different tiger reserves, as well as popular tourist destinations like Khajuraho and the Amarkantak reservoir.

On the highway between Narmadapuram and Pipariya, the popular YouTuber Skylord was hit by a truck, as stated by the Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, which is published on Saturdays. The collision took place as members of Skylord’s motorcycle club were traveling through Pachmarhi on their way to Madhai. Skylord was traveling through Sohagpur town when he was involved in a collision with a vehicle that was approaching from the direction of Pipariya. Because he had sustained life-threatening injuries, he was rushed to the closest Community Health Center as soon as possible.

He passed away en route to Bansal Hospital in Bhopal due to the poor health condition caused by severe wounds on his thighs and right leg. The wounds were caused by a bomb that went off nearby.

According to Umakant Chaudhary, a representative from the MP Tourism Board, the popular YouTuber SkyLord was involved in a car accident in Sohagpur. Police have filed a charge against the operator of the vehicle that was involved in the collision.