Angelina Martinez ,Woman Killed By Drunk Driver In San Antonio

Drunk driver kills woman in San Antonio, Texas

In San Antonio, Texas, on October 9, 2022, Angelina was tragically killed when she was hit by drunk driver. 
Angelina Martinez’s passing was made widely known. 
We send our sympathies to the Martinez family during this trying time. 
We learned of the death, as stated in the statement that may be viewed below:


Yesterday evening, Angelina passed away after being hit by a drunk driver. Our family is devastated and trying to understand this terrible loss.  We are asking for any type of assistance to help bury our sister,friend and co-worker. As a family we appreciate the thoughts, prayers and love that we have received in the last couple of hours and days. 

At the end of any journey, there must be a destination. Now that the person has passed away, their journey on this earth has sadly come to an end. Nobody wants to pass away. People don’t want to perish in order to achieve their ambitions, not even those who have a tremendous desire to visit heaven. But eventually, we shall all reach the same location: the grave. Death is almost definitely the single best development in the history of existence, and no one has ever been able to prevent it, which is precisely how it should be. It is the force behind all life’s transformations. The old items are removed so that room can