Antonio Inoki Has Died, Obituary – Cause of Death

Antonio Inoki

Antonio Inoki Death and Obituary, Pro-wrestling Icon and Former Lawmaker Antonio Inoki dies at 79, Cause of Death

We at NJPW 2k are saddened to learn of the death of Antonio Inoki. Without him, we wouldn’t be a thing because the real NJPW wouldn’t exist. That among many other reasons is why Inoki is one of the G.O.A.Ts. Our deepest condolences to his friends, family, colleagues & fans

Muhammad Hussain Inoki234 (born Kanji Inoki; February 20, 1943 – September 30, 2022) was a Japanese professional wrestler and promoter better known by his stage name Antonio Inoki. Known for his active career in the company he founded, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and many of his post-retirement activities, Inoki is considered the greatest icon of Japanese professional wrestling.

In addition to wrestling, Inoki is a pioneer in mixed martial arts (MMA), fighting fighters from various martial arts from around the world, and is one of the founders of Kansuiryu karate. His apprentices include Sayama Satoru, Maeda Akira, Takada Nobuhiko, and other great promoters of mixed martial arts in Japan. In addition, Inoki also trained Machida Ryoto, Fujita, and other players.

Inoki operated the Inoki Genome Federation company from its inception in 2007 until its closure in 2019.

Kanji Inoki was born into a wealthy family in Yokohama in 1943. He is the sixth child and second child of seven brothers and four sisters. His father, Sajiro Inoki, a businessman and politician, died when Kanji was only five years old. Kanji was short when he entered Todai school, but he soon grew up and joined the basketball team and then the track team in shot put practice; he later won championships at the Yokohama High School Track and Field meet. Meanwhile, Inoki studied 6th grade karate with one of his brothers and was promoted to the profession of sumo in high school.

Inoki’s family had a difficult time postwar, and in 1957 Inoki moved to Brazil with his grandfather, his mother, and three brothers, whose grandfather died during the trip. Inoki won the regional championships in shot put, discus and javelin in Brazil, and later won the national championships in shot put and discus in Brazil.

Inoki was married to actress Mitsuko Baishō from 1971 to 1987. His daughter, Hiroko, is married to American Simon Kelly, who takes the surname of his father-in-law and is now a member of the New Japan Pro Wrestling board of directors.