Bruno Latour Has Died – Cause of Death, French Philosopher Bruno Latour Passed Away At 75

Bruno Latour who was referred to as France’s most famous philosopher by New York Times has passed away. Bruno Latour was a renowned philosopher and sociologist from France. According to the source, Bruno Latour died at the age of 75 on Sunday, 9th October 2022. Meanwhile, this news has been confirmed by Les Edition La Decouverte. Since Bruno Latour’s death news broke out people are eagerly searching what was Bruno Latour cause of death. To get this information take a look below. -How did Bruno Latour Die? Bruno Latour Cause of Death, French Philosopher Bruno Latour Passed Away At 75

How did Bruno Latour Die? Bruno Latour's Cause of Death was pancreatic cancer, French Philosopher Bruno Latour Passed Away on 9 October 2022 at age 75. Obituary

How did Bruno Latour Die? Bruno Latour Cause of Death

Les Éditions La Découverte announced that the recipient of the Holberg Prize and Kyoto Prize Bruno Latour passed away at the age of 75 years. The official statement reads, “the renowned philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour, considered one of the greatest contemporary French intellectuals, died overnight at the age of 75.”

It is certain that he had turned old enough thus he might have developed several health complexities that led him to die. His cause of death might be natural. But the exact medical cause of death of Bruno Latour is Pancreatic Cancer.

French Philosopher Bruno Latour Passed Away At 75

Bruno Latour won Kyoto Prize in 2021 and Holberg Prize in 2013 for his work. He was an unclassifiable intellectual who was concerned with the research. It has been remarked that Bruno Latour was one of the figures of ecological thought.

Nevertheless, Bruno Latour was also known for his writing works. Being an author he published “The factory of law”, “The Life of Laboratory”, “The Microbes”, “War and Peace”, “We were never modern”, and “Where am I?” amid the covid crisis.

Bruno Latour was born on June 22nd, 1947 which means he turned 75 a couple of months back. Furthermore, he was born in Beaune in the Côte d’Or. His family was of Burgundy wine merchants. Bruno was also responsible for the description of scientific controversies (Ecole des Mines) or the Center for the sociology of innovation.

French Philosopher Bruno Latour Obituary

He also stood for a refreshed view of the society and environment and was considered an ecological veteran. Bruno was also among the founders of the so-called actor-network theory. It goes beyond the notion of the social construction of reality. This led Bruno to the idea of ​​a “parliament of things” in which non-human actors should also have a say.

Our heartfelt condolences and extended thoughts are with Bruno’s family, friends, and colleagues who are mourning his death.