Death-Obituary Alison Russo Elling Obituary, FDNY EMS Lieutenant Who Responded To 9/11 To Be Laid To Rest

Death-Obituary Alison Russo Elling Obituary, FDNY EMS Lieutenant Who Responded To 9/11 To Be Laid To Rest

Alison Russo Elling Death, Obituary – On Wednesday, six days after she was stabbed to death, a New York City paramedic who responded to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, will be laid to rest. Her funeral will take place in New York City. According to the authorities, Lieutenant Alison Russo-Elling, a nearly 25-year veteran of the New York City Fire Department, was stabbed about 19 times in the chest during the course of an “unprovoked attack” while she was on duty in the borough of Queens on the afternoon of September 29. It was the year 61.

After further investigation, 34-year-old Peter Zisopoulos was detained for questioning in connection with the homicide. He is facing charges of first-degree murder as well as unlawful possession of a weapon. According to the authorities, he has never been arrested before and has no known relation to the Russo-Elling case.

According to the authorities, Russo-Elling was attacked while she was in the neighborhood of 20th Avenue and Steinway Street in Astoria, which is close to where her station’s quarters are located. The authorities were able to get security tape that ostensibly depicts the incident. The video shows Russo-Elling strolling past Zisopoulos, who is seen standing in the entranceway of a building. Authorities have stated that all of a sudden, Zisopoulos seems to pull out a steak knife and “runs full speed” behind Russo-Elling, causing her to fall on her back and then attack her.

The footage shows what appears to be an eyewitness attempting to intervene, but Zisopoulos is seen chasing them away while he is still holding the knife in his hand. After that, he goes back to his flat and barricades himself inside before authorities arrive to take him into custody. According to the officials, Russo-Elling was rushed to Mount Sinai Queens Hospital in severe condition. It was at this hospital that she ultimately passed away.

After her murder, Russo-coworkers Elling’s referred to her as “the mother hen of the station” and said that she “was constantly looking out for everybody.” According to the authorities, she was the 1,158th member of the FDNY to die while serving the city and the second emergency medical worker to be killed on the streets of the city in the past five years. She was also the victim of a homicide.

Yadira Arroyo, 44, an emergency medical technician for the FDNY, was killed by her own ambulance in 2017 after it had been stolen in the Bronx. Arroyo was struck and killed by the vehicle. Acting FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh announced Tuesday that Russo-Elling will be posthumously promoted to captain at her funeral, which will take place Wednesday at 11 a.m. local time.

“Alison Russo was everything we look for in a leader in our Department,” Kavanagh said in a statement. “A dedicated and accomplished veteran of 25 years, she responded to thousands of emergencies, mentored many new EMTs and paramedics, cared deeply for the communities she served, and set an incredible example for others at Station 49 and at every station she called home throughout her outstanding career. This posthumous promotion is a sign of our deep respect and admiration for all the courageous and selfless work she did throughout her career. We will never forget her.”

Death-Obituary Alison Russo Elling Obituary, FDNY EMS Lieutenant Who Responded To 9/11 To Be Laid To Rest