Death-Obituary Ian Moseley, NC, Obituary, Downtown Wilmington Bar And Restaurant Owner Dies At 55

Death-Obituary Ian Moseley, NC, Obituary, Downtown Wilmington Bar And Restaurant Owner Dies At 55

Ian Moseley Death, Obituary – After a protracted battle with sickness, Ian Moseley, who was responsible for opening approximately a dozen local companies, most of which were located in downtown Wilmington, passed away on Tuesday. His loved ones and friends remember him as someone who had the foresight to recognize the early potential of Port City and who was instrumental in turning it into the popular destination for dining and drinking that it is today. He had reached the age of 55.

“Ian was clearly one of those guys who made downtown a success,” said Ray Worrell, who purchased Slice of Life Pizzeria & Pub from Moseley in 2003. “Ian was undoubtedly one of those people who made downtown a success.” “When he arrived in Wilmington, there were actually just a few establishments serving food and drink at that time. I’m not sure if people are aware of this fact. There are currently over one hundred of them.”

Moseley was born in New Jersey, but he moved to Wilmington via Key West in order to build a business that was comparable to the Hog’s Breath Saloon, which was located in the seaside town of Key West. In 1994, he and a business partner built The Wave Hog Saloon in the location that was later occupied by Dock Street Oyster Bar and is currently occupied by Wilmington Distillery. Since then, he has been very busy with his work. His most recent venture was opening The Ivey cocktail bar earlier this year at 10 Wilkinson Alley with two other business partners.

When Justin Smith first encountered Moseley, Moseley was working the door at the Wave Hog, where Smith was employed. After becoming friends, the two went on to become business partners in the establishments Level 5, City Stage Theater, YoSake, and Husk respectively. He explained, “I didn’t really know him that well, but one day we got lunch together.” After that, we continued to get together for lunch on a daily basis for the next 15 years of our lives.

“He had a remarkable awareness of what was taking place and what was on the horizon. He was always aware of what was going on in other parts of the country and worked to bring those events to… In addition to that, he had a wonderful eye for beauty. The results were typically casual attire that was both hip and contemporary “he said. For example, the concept of Slice of Life was inspired by a company that existed in Florida and served late-night food to patrons of bars and people working in the hospitality industry.

When Worrell approached Moseley about purchasing Slice of Life, he was working at the pizzeria and the restaurant that is now known as Caprice Bistro. At the time, the pizzeria was located at the same location as the current Fork n Cork. Although Moseley wasn’t interested at the time, Worrell did hear from him that he expressed interest in launching an amusement business together. They were in business together to lease pool tables and video games to neighborhood establishments.

Worrell explained, “I often tell people that Ian was the one who created Slice of Life.” Ian was the one who created Slice of Life. “All I did was grab the ball and take off running with it.” In addition, Moseley produced more than one hundred plays at both The City Stage and Thalian Hall as a result of his collaborations with Smith and Gil Johnson. He was a big fan of straight plays as well as musical theater, especially unconventional ones like Santa Land Diaries by David Sedaris, which is considered a holiday classic.

According to Smith, “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom” was the very first show that his company put on. “And the following one was Jesus Christ Superstar, so you could say we experienced everything. He was always incredibly happy of what we did and would be the first one to let us know on the opening night how proud he was of what we had accomplished.” Full Story

Death-Obituary Ian Moseley, NC, Obituary, Downtown Wilmington Bar And Restaurant Owner Dies At 55