Death-Obituary John Perlin Obituary, Philanthropist Dies At 88

Death-Obituary John Perlin Obituary, Philanthropist Dies At 88

John Perlin Death, Obituary – John Crosbie Perlin, a philanthropist known for his significant contributions to the arts scene in Newfoundland and Labrador and his strong ties to the Royal Family, passed away. He was 88. According to his cousin Tim Powers, Perlin passed away from cancer on Sunday while recovering at home.

Powers remarked, “He’s a man of great talents. “He was appointed by Mr. Smallwood to oversee Cultural Affairs for the province and handled it for a very long time. He was highly known for all of his work with the Royal Family, including his time spent as the Queen’s Canadian Secretary. His most recent distinction came in the form of an honorary life presidency from the Regatta Committee.”

Perlin got numerous honors throughout his life, including the life presidency. Powers added, “He’s won every accolade you can give.” From the Queen herself, a Commander of the Victorian Order, the Order of Canada, and the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Perlin took great satisfaction in his personal friendship with the Royal Family. Perlin not only met Princess Anne through the Royal Newfoundland Regiment but also became friends with both Prince Edward and Prince Phillip during his tenure as Canadian Secretary. Powers thinks it’s appropriate that Perlin passed away following Queen Elizabeth.

“John found it OK to go off duty now that the Queen has departed, because he was always kind of on duty for the Royal Family and had a deep affection for the Queen in particular,” says the author.

While Perlin was instrumental to the Duke of Edinburgh awards, the Fluvarium in St. John’s was among the many causes he was most passionate about. “He remained on the board to this day,” Powers said. “He was 88, recovering from fairly invasive cancer surgery and still plotting forward on the Fluvarium.”

“You’d be hard pressed to find a charity or philanthropic activity in the province that he didn’t touch.” He said Perlin’s giving nature was due to his parents, Albert Perlin, a notable journalist who provided a strong voice during the Confederation movement, and Vera Perlin, whose philanthropic work with children led to the charitable society in her namesake. Powers expressed his gratitude that Perlin survived to witness the opulence of Her Majesty’s funeral. Full Story

Death-Obituary John Perlin Obituary, Philanthropist Dies At 88