Dream Face leaked video viral on twitter and reddit, dream face reveal date stream – Full Video Link

Dream Face

Dream Face leaked video viral on twitter and reddit, dream face reveal date stream – Full Video Link

Dream called out those who send hate to “random people” after a fake “leaked” face exposed it went viral, calling the comments “harmful and gross”.

Over the past year, Minecraft YouTuber Dream has become a household name in the streaming community, gaining the attention of millions of loyal fans and a huge success with his wildly popular Dream SMP project.

With more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube, the star has even ventured into music, releasing his song “Mask” on May 21, which was a huge hit with fans.

Notably, Dream has never made an appearance online, instead, he is known for his iconic persona on a green background. Of course, this has left a lot of people curious about the creator’s real face, and Dream himself has joked that he’s planning an eventual face reveal due to the limitations of “faceless” content creators.

However, some even tried to uncover the streamer’s true face before he was ready. On June 10, a tweet gained attention after someone claimed he had found a “real dream” through his family’s personal Facebook account.

An alleged photo of Dream started circulating on social media on June 9, sparking controversy among his fan base. Angry critics have accused YouTubers of using doubles in photos and videos.

The tweet drew hatred from people who criticized Dream for “fishing” her because he thought he looked different than he actually was. The next day, he responded to the drama with a half-joking fake reveal.

However, he also used his “Dreamhangout” account to call people who made cruel comments about people who claimed to be Dreams.

“People who don’t like me really jump in to justify hate,” he said, “hating random people doing ‘leaked dream faces!’ I’ve watched it twice a day since I started using YouTube. It’s harmful, disgusting and stupid.”

He added: “Death threats, calls for suicide and harassment are not the big wins they think they are. Nor are screenshots or stories fabricated. Twitter can be the most ridiculous place at times, full of hate and hostility. Remember to spread the love and positivity. Keep it good mental state.”

It’s unclear when Dream plans to reveal his face to the world, but it seems that speculation about what he’ll actually look like won’t die down until that day.