Eder Jofre Has Died, Obituary – Cause Of Death

How Did Eder Jofre Die? Eder Jofre Cause Of Death and Obituary Brazilian Boxer Eder Jofre Passed Away In Sao Paulo: It is with the greatest sorrow that former bantamweight and featherweight champion Eder Jofre passed away at age of 86 on Sunday, 2nd October 2022. Who confirmed this news? As per the reports, Eder Jofre’s daughter named Andrea took to Facebook and shared this shocking piece of news. What led him to die or what is Eder Jofre cause of death?

How Did Eder Jofre Die? Brazilian Boxer Eder Jofre Passed Away In Sao Paulo His Cause Of Death is Pneumonia. Bantamweight & Featherweight champion died at 86

How Did Eder Jofre Die?

Eder Jofre was reportedly admitted to a hospital amid his deteriorating health condition due to pneumonia. Meanwhile, the Brazilian ring legend Eder Jofre passed away due to complications developed from pneumonia. Thus, it can be concluded that Eder Jofre’s cause of death was Pneumonia. According to the source, Eder Jofre breathed his last breath in his hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazilian ring legend Eder Jofre was one of the oldest living world champions until he perished on Sunday, October 2, 2022. Moreover, Eder Jofre was also the consensus pick for the greatest boxer in Brazil. Nevertheless, many people in Brazil believed that he was the greatest bantamweight champion in the history of Brazil.

What Is Eder Jofre Cause Of Death?

Let’s take a look at the time when Eder Jofre was on the verge to rise to fame. It was 1957 and he was all set to make it to the quarterfinals of the Olympics. Prior to becoming a pro he had recorded with 50 knockouts (72-2-4). And in 1960 he lift a title of the bantamweight championship by knocking out Eloy Sanchez in the sixth round. After this, he renownedly held the title until he lost to Harada in Japan in 1965.

In 1992 he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame of International Boxing 1992. As per the source, he turned into a vegetarian when he was 20 years of age and stopped drinking and smoking for his longevity and fitness.

Shortly after his death, many notable personalities from Brazil expressed their sorrow over his death. The President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Paulo Wanderley said, “Eder Jofre was an icon of Brazilian and international sport. After his participation in the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games, he paved the way for a very successful history of Brazilian boxing. His legacy will still be observed for generations and his achievements will continue to inspire.”