Garry Dugan Has Died, Obituary – Cause of Death


Garry Dugan, Death and Obituary – Cause of Death

Garry Dugan was the man who died in a tragic boating accident on September 29. 2022 out on Keystone Lake near Appalachia Bay.

Garry was well known and loved in the Keystone Boater community and he especially loved jet boat Thursday’s with all of his best buddies.

It was just like every other Thursday jet boat night until a tragic accident. At about 6:30 Garry was driving his boat and accidentally turned into another boat because he was blinded by the sunset. The other boat went over the top of Garry’s boat. All of Garry’s friends jumped in to help rescue him and were able to get him back to the boat ramp and try CPR and to meet medical crews.

Unfortunately Garry passed away. Garry’s family and friends say they want Garry to be remembered as kindest and most caring man and as such a loving husband, dad, uncle, brother and son. Garry loved his family, his lake family and Garry also LOVED racing.

We ask that at this time, you allow the family to take the appropriate and needed time, to make preparations and grieve as family.