Herschel Walker leaked video viral on twitter, reddit – Full Video Link

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker leaked video viral on twitter, reddit – Full Video Link

Georgia Senate Republican nominee Herschel Walker, who has taken a tough stance on abortion rights, threatened to sue The Daily Beast on Monday after it was reported that Walker had paid for his girlfriend’s abortion.

“This is a blatant lie – I deny it most vehemently,” Walker tweeted in response to the Daily Beast article.

Things were further complicated for the Republican nominee when his son Christian Walker accused his father of abusive behavior and being a bad father by posting a series of tweets.

“I know my mother and would be very grateful if my father Herschel Walker stopped lying and making fun of us,” Christian Walker wrote on Twitter. “You’re not a ‘family man’ when you leave us to sleep with some women, threaten to kill us, and make us change clothes 6 times in the 6 months before your violence.”

In another tweet, he added: “I don’t care about people who have a bad past and take responsibility. But how dare you lie and pretend to be a ‘moral, Christian, upright person’? You’ve been Living a life where you destroy other people’s lives. How dare you.”

“I’ve never asked anyone to have an abortion. I’ve never paid for an abortion, that’s a lie. I’ll keep fighting,” Walker said, suggesting the reports were his political opponents in a battle that was vital to both sides. Dishonest attacks in fierce competition.

An unidentified woman said Walker reimbursed her for an abortion after she became pregnant in 2009, The Daily Beast reported. In an article published Monday night, The Daily Beast published images of clinic receipts, Walker’s sympathy card and a check written by Walker to confirm the woman’s account. POLITICO has not independently verified the Daily Beast report.

The Senate candidate described the article as “defamatory,” “slanderous,” and “disgusting gutter politics,” and said the article’s author was a “Democratic activist masquerading as a reporter.” Walker said on Twitter that he planned to sue the publication on Tuesday morning.

When Hannity asked to look specifically at the check, Walker said, “I send money to a lot of people, it’s a lot of fun. … God bless me, I’m going to bless others. I’m in this game because I’m a Christian.”

He also said he sent out a lot of rehab cards and said he didn’t see a picture of rehab cards posted by the Daily Beast as confirmation. He did not deny that neither the card nor the check belonged to him, although he vehemently denied paying for the abortion.

The nominee, a former University of Georgia football star who has the backing of former President Donald Trump, has said he supports an abortion ban without exceptions, telling reporters in May that “there are no exceptions to the process, in my opinion.” That stance goes further than many of his Republican peers, some of whom advocate exceptions for rape, incest or other circumstances.

Walker faces a tight race against incumbent Senator Rafael Warnock, a Democrat, for a seat that will be crucial in determining whether Democrats maintain a narrow majority in the upper house.