James Marcus; Suspect Identified in Red Raven Spartanburg County Shootout

James Marcus; Suspect Identified in Red Raven Spartanburg County Shootout

On Friday, September 23, 2022, at approx. 9:30 PM, deputies responded to a shooting at 208 Red Raven Dr., Greer, SC, 29651. Upon arrival, EMS was attempting to render aid to the victim, but their efforts were unsuccessful, and the victim was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Deputies detained a suspect at the scene and also identified the suspect’s grandfather who called 911. From interviewing them separately, both gave consistent accounts that the victim and the suspect had been friends since middle school, were both gun enthusiasts, and spent time together frequently.

Friday night, the victim and the suspect were engaged in a quick draw competition to determine which one was the fastest. The suspect stated both parties had engaged in this quick draw competition before and had done it approximately 14 times Friday night.

The routine was for both parties to start out with unloaded firearms, then insert a loaded clip without chambering a round, and then pulling the trigger. On the 15th time that night, the suspect states he accidentally chambered a round from the clip in his gun due to muscle memory, and when he pulled the trigger, he tragically shot his friend by mistake.

The suspect and his grandfather were transported from the scene to the office, where they were interviewed separately again by a violent crimes investigator, and they again gave consistent statements of the incident.

The physical evidence at the scene also corroborated their accounts of the incident.
On Monday, the violent crime investigator discussed this case with the Solicitor’s Office. After that office reviewed the case, it was determined probable cause existed to charge the suspect with Involuntary Manslaughter.

The suspect is James Marcus Turner, W/M, 21 years old, 221 Palmetto Dr., Inman, SC, 29349. He continued to cooperate with this investigation by turning himself in yesterday morning at approx. 8:50 AM, and he was released on bond at 12:30 PM yesterday afternoon.

Since this incident was the second tragic incident last week involving either the improper storage or handling of firearms, this agency would like to remind all of our citizens to exercise the utmost caution when handling any weapon.

The Coroner’s Office will be sending out a press release identifying the victim, and both agencies express our sympathy to both families and ask that their privacy be respected while they deal with this tragic event.