King City: One motorist lost their lives in a high-speed automobile pursuit, and another suffered only minor injuries

KING CITY – After receiving the news just now, we were informed by the California Highway Patrol in King City that a high-speed car pursuit that occurred on September 29 resulted in the death of one driver and the slight injury of another motorist. The pursuit started at 2:35 in the afternoon when patrol officers were attempting to pull over a driver in a southbound Toyota Prius on Highway 101 north of Chualar.
The car continued to Underwood, which is located south of Greenfield. The driver of the Prius, who was traveling at speeds of up to 105 miles per hour, was killed when his vehicle crossed into the second lane and collided with a large truck. The operator of the semi-truck picked up a few minor wounds. In this region, the lanes leading northbound on Highway 101 are closed, and one of the lanes leading southbound on 101 is also closed.
Metz Road in King City is receiving redirected traffic at this time. When additional information is obtained, it will be provided as soon as it is available