On Tuesday, a multi-car accident that evolved into a firefight on Broad Street in North Philadelphia resulted in the death of one man and the injury of another. According to the police, the incident occurred. According to the reports from the Philadelphia police, there was a collision involving three automobiles that took place just after 5 o’clock on North Broad Street near Venango Street in Nicetown-Tioga.

According to the investigators, one of the drivers, a male in his thirties, got out of his vehicle and started arguing with the driver of another vehicle. The two males reportedly started shooting at each other when the altercation got out of hand, according to the police. At least six shots were fired, according to Chief Inspector Scott Small of the Philadelphia Police Department.

According to Small, when the police arrived, they discovered the other motorist, a male of 32 years old, lying on the side of the road with two gunshot wounds to his chest. Officers transported him to the hospital, but he passed away there around one hour later.

According to Small, the 38-year-old victim shot himself in the leg and drove himself to the hospital before emergency personnel got on the scene. His condition was described as being stable.

Even though her vehicle was hit by bullets, the driver of the third vehicle, a 33-year-old woman, escaped unharmed from both the accident and the firing, according to the police. Small said that it was a stroke of good luck that she managed to flee the scene before the gunfire broke out.