Nikki Finke Has Died At 68, Nikki Finke Obituary

The founder of Deadline, famous journalist Nikki Finke died at the age of 68. According to the reports, Nikki Finke passed away on Sunday morning, 9th October 2022 in Boca Raton, Florida. Since Nikki Finke’s death news surfaced on the web her admirers are keen to read the reason that caused her to depart at the age of 68. What is Nikki Finke cause of death? Read further sections for more information. -What is Nikki Finke Cause Of Death? Journalist Nikki Finke Died At 68, Nikki Finke Obituary

What is Nikki Finke Cause of Death

What is Nikki Finke Cause Of Death?

Nikki Finke was battling a prolonged illness due to which she died at the age of 68. The journalist left behind her sister Terry Finke Dreyfus, nieces Sarah Greengill and Diana Leighton, and brother-in-law James Dreyfus. As per the source, Nikki Finke’s funeral arrangements will take place this week. And a private memorial ceremony will also be organized in her honor.

Following her death, Jay Penske who is the chairman, founder, and CEO of the Penske Media Corporation said, “She was outspoken and honest. Nikki was never easy, but she will always be remembered as one of the most unforgettable persons in my life”

How Did Nikki Finke Die? Nikki Finke Obituary

“At her finest, Nikki Finke represented the spirit of journalism, and was never hesitant to communicate the harsh realities with an incisive style and an intriguing spark”

Talking about Nikki Finke’s illustrious career, she started her online company Deadline Hollywood Daily back in 2006 which basically the digital version of her LA Weekly column Deadline Hollywood. In her online columns, she revealed various Hollywood incidents and secrets that made her powerless in the industry and an enemy of the stars who were exposed by her.

Regardless, Nikki Finke was best known for her live snarking during the major Hollywood award events. She did live blogging for events like Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes including disclaimers “Not for the easily offended or absurdly naive.”

Nikkie went to London and Moscow as an Associated Press international journalist while residing on Long Island, New York. She worked as a Newsweek correspondent in both Los Angeles and Washington, DC.