Norberto Bianchi has Died, Obituary : Cause Of Death

Italian Footballer Norberto Bianchi has Died, Obituary : Cause Of Death

It is with the greatest sorrow that former football player of Torres, Norberto Bianchi died on Monday, September 26, 2022, in Sorso, Italy. According to the source, the former soccer player Norberto Bianchi died of a fatal heart attack. Yes, Norberto Bianchi’s cause of death has been confirmed. The official medical cause of death of former Italian footballer Norberto Bianchi was a heart attack. What were the circumstances just before the time when he suffered a heart attack on Monday? Was he rushed to the hospital immediately? There are numerous questions that you should resolve. Scroll down the page for more details.

Norberto Bianchi Died At The Age Of 65

As per the source, Norberto Bianchi was in the Borgo Degli Ulivi sports center when he collapsed on the surface due to cardiac arrest. Reportedly, he suffered fatal cardiac arrest while playing a five-a-side football match at the Borgo Degli Ulivi Sports complex with his pals. Moreover, it was 9 pm when he collapsed to the ground.

However, Norberto Bianchi’s friends immediately took emergency steps and did all efforts to make him survive. Shortly after an ambulance responded to the Borgo Degli Ulivi Sports Centre and took him to a hospital. But devastatingly it was the last game that he played with his friends. The medical team pronounced him dead after attempting all steps to revive him.

How Did Norberto Bianchi Die? What Is Norberto Bianchi Cause Of Death?

What was Norberto Bianchi’s age when he breathed his last? According to the source, Norberto Bianchi was 65 years old when he died of a fulminating heart attack on Monday night.

Currently, Norberto Bianchi’s family members and friends are mourning his sudden demise. He will be missed sorely. We extend our thoughts and condolences to his family and beloved friends during this painful time.

During the mid-1970s he migrated to Sassari. Prior to going to Sassari, Norberto Bianchi was at Tuscany. Eventually, he got associated with Torres and started playing as a midfielder for Torres. Further, Norberto Bianchi played several championships at Castelsardo, Calangianus, and Alghero.

According to the reports, Norberto Bianchi’s son is also following in his father’s footsteps as he is also a professional football player. Daniele is the son of late Torres midfielder Norberto Bianchi. Reportedly, Daniele plays for Porto Torres as a midfielder just like his father.