Orleans Shooting Ottawa, Police on scene after shooting left man dead on Wednesday night

Shooting in Orleans Ottawa Today: LONGMONT, CO. ~ Multiple Ottawa Police Department officers and Emergency Services agencies are responding to an active shooting incident which was reported have left an adult male victim shot dead in Orleans, Ottawa, on Wednesday night, October 05, 2022.

Police reports according to The Ottawa Police Department revealed that officers and emergency crews responded to several reports of am active shooting incident in the area of Tompkins Avenue and Tenth Line Road just before 9 p.m. this Wednesday night. Upon reaching the scene, officers located a yet-identified adult male victim who had just suffered a fatal gun-shot injuries to the upper body.

Unfortunately the reported victim was pronounced dead right at the scene by paramedics who attempted to keep him alive. Police also added that apart from the dead victim, two other individual were injured in the shooting, one with life-threatening while the other wit minor injuries.

The area is under lockdown as heavy police operation is currently ongoing in the areas while everyone are urged to find a secured shelter or better still totally avoid the area as investigation and large manhunt is ongoing at this time. At the time of the publication the exact number of victims is not known and investigation is ongoing.