Pinuppixie leaked photos and videos viral on reddit, twitter – Who is PinupPixie on TikTok?


Pinuppixie leaked photos and videos viral on reddit, twitter – Who is PinupPixie on TikTok?

If you love retro fashion and Marilyn Monroe, Pinuppixie may have graced your TikTok For You page. If not, here’s everything you need to know about the retro starlet.

Her real name is Bianca Blakney and she posts as a poster pixie. The peroxide blonde has more than 10.5 million followers on the video-sharing app and showcases vintage styles and outfits.

The 24-year-old creator, who was born in Canada, has been wearing vintage since 2017 and recently had a breast augmentation.

She owns three classic cars, and the star is reportedly worth around $800,000. She will receive revenue from TikTok sponsorships as well as her models and OnlyFans page.

She has previously been criticized for charging $499 for a single print.

One of her most-viewed videos showing her dancing in a navy blue dress with a thigh-high slit garnered a whopping 34.4 million views. Another video of her writhing in the same dress reached 47.2 million.

Her retro style confuses many followers, and she also has teenage stepsons, but Bianca is only 24. She was born in Canada and grew up in British Columbia.

Her husband likes to keep it private and doesn’t appear in many of her videos.

She once posted a photo with a man she called “VIP”. She posted a video that read “My husband agrees to the video,” but only from the shoulders down, without revealing his identity.

She has a biological daughter, 6, whom she gave birth to at 18, a 13-year-old stepdaughter and soon-to-be 18-year-old stepson.

In addition to retro styles, Bianca also dabbles in different styles.

Bianca rose to fame on TikTok thanks to Marilyn Monroe-inspired throwback looks, but she’s also been posted as Jessica Rabbit and various anime characters.

Bianca is often confused with another wine creator, Jasmine Chiswell. Many of Jasmine’s fans harassed Bianca, and in early 2022 there was drama between the two, with Pinuppixie having to delete many of the negative comments from the rival’s followers.

She wasn’t always interested in retro
Bianca discovered the retro lifestyle in 2017 and regularly shares her memories of the past. She used to love the look of a scene or mood child, sometimes recreating the style she was wearing at the time.