Riverhill High School Shooting, Police on scene after shooting reports in Riverhill High School

Riverhill High SShooting at River Hill High School Today: CLARKSVILE, MD. ~ Multiple Law Enforcement officers and Emergency Services agencies are responding to a sporadic shooting which may have left multiple victims shot in Clarksville, Maryland, on Monday afternoon, October 04, 2022.

According to information the active shooting incident was reported to have happened at ‘The River Hill High School’ which is located in 12101 Clarksville Pike, Clarksville, MD. Authorities also confirmed that the school and its entire surrounding are put under immediate lockdown for security and safety reasons.

The area is under lockdown as heavy police operation is currently ongoing in the areas while everyone are urged to find a secured shelter or better still totally avoid the area as investigation and large manhunt is ongoing at this time. At the time of the publication the exact number of victims is not known and investigation is ongoing.