Robert Byrd Has Died, Obituary – Cause Of Death

Robert Byrd Death – Obituary in Moderation: Robert ‘Bobby B’ Byrd of Philadelphia, PA., a well-respected law enforcement officer and longtime police officer with The Pennsylvania Police Department, has sadly and unexpectedly passed away on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, leaving family, closer relatives and other loved ones in total devastations and sadness. Family and friends were devastated when Robert passed away.

The loss of Robert has saddened the family, who are now in mourning and pain. We are sending our love and prayers to Robert‘s family. we learnt about this sad occurrence through a publication made by Facebook user, Carmella Hill on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, the statements read below;

Today/Literally just hours ago an old friend and coworker just took his own life. Bobby B. was a sweet, shy, funny guy that hid it well. Depression is No Joke. If You or Someone You know is Depressed or thinking about or Taking about Suicide, Please get involved. Bobby left a Suicide note on SM. He felt like he had No One.

He was going through a lot. But he did have a lot of people that cared for him. A ton of people that were worried about him and praying that he would be fine and OK when the police got there to do the wellness check. But they/we were all too late. I am Praying 🙏🏼 for my Friend Bobby Byrd and his family.

I am hoping Bobby B. that you are at Peace from your Demons within. I hope you are finally Peacefully Sleeping. You will Be Fully and Sadly Missed Bobby. You were a Better Man than you Realized. Rest Easy Robert Byrd, See You On the Other Side.

How did Robert Died ?

Many worried people, especially those close to the family, are curious as to how Robert‘s life came to an end. As of right now, all we could confirmed was that Robert unfortunately was found dead by concerned relatives after a longtime battle with depression. However, it seems that there isn’t much that can be learned right now until the family issues a firm statement on the matter.

As per usual, as soon as it is verified, we will follow up and update this story. Prior before making the unexpected desicion, had left a devastated post on his only social media handle on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. The post reads below;

I been drinking a little bit but I’m sober enough to write this. I have no friends or family I’m close to, I’ve never had enough money to move out of the city, or to buy a home to start a family. I tell everyone even though I’m pushing 40 I don’t want a woman in my life or kids but that’s a lie. I want a wife and kids but who would want to marry a loser like me? I’m tired. I’ve been tired for a long time.

Even when some fine woman did want me I couldn’t bring myself to be with them cause I know I’m bad luck and I don’t wanna put that on anyone else. This world is to bad to bring more people with conscious minds into it anyway. So maybe it was for the best that I didn’t have any kids. It’s stress everywhere I turn in my life.

I go to work and talk people out of committing suicide and get them help knowing I’m fighting the same battle on not wanting to be here myself. Anyone who truly knew me even a little bit, you had to have known I was depressed. I smiled through a lot of bullshit, I manned up a lot, but I was rarely ever happy.

The older I got, the more of a magnet for dumb shit happening I became, and in turn, I became more and more of an introvert. Life just would not stop throwing me monkey wrenches. I’ve been drawing the short straw my whole life. So more and more I thought, maybe if I do less, life will fuck with me less, boy was I wrong.

My love life, my finances, my social life, my body, all stress and dumb shit. Good guys really do finish last. I use to be able to find peace at work, that was the one place where I had peace. That was the job where I helped people and felt like my life had purpose. But lately, these past couple months, work has been adding to my stress instead of taking it away. I just want peace god.

Why is it always me? Why do you choose me as your catalyst? I am tired of being one of gods strongest warriors. The guy who always does the right thing even when it’s hard or easier not to, the guy that can the take punishment, I’m tired. I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore.

It’s darkness everywhere I turn. All I see is humanity killing each other for no reason, diseases, dishonest shiesty people, an unfair world where the majority are poor, I honestly think this planet might be hell! If you stop and think about it, it’s one of the only theories that makes sense!

But look, this isn’t because I’ve been broke my whole life, or cause I can’t find a girl, or cause I don’t have any friends, or cause of dumb stuff at work (yes that girl bumped me on purpose then rolled her eyes after she was saying she hates cops and she deserved to get locked up, say what you want but don’t touch me!) or because I’m not close to any of my family, or cause all I see is people that use people and hardly anyone is truely genuine and happy for you, kindness is at an all time low, or cause I think humanity is doomed and will end soon any way.

It’s because, ultimately, I feel like I wasn’t meant to be here and have been wanting to leave my whole life. I really feel like I was born in the wrong time period. How many times have you heard me say that? I belong in a time, or on a planet, where most people are good instead of a few, where there’s no racism and I don’t get treated differently because I’m dark skin, where the wealthy share and people aren’t starving to death on one side of the planet while people are having eating contest on the other side at the same time.

Where people aren’t shot and killed just for walking down the street, or laying in bed, or getting into their car on their way to work, or out for a night of fun and killed by a stray bullet. I belong on a planet that wasn’t forgotten by god and has a god if there is one, who cares enough about humanity, let alone little old me, to step in when it gets as bad as life has been on this planet lately, a god who would do something to make a difference.

Have y’all seen nogunezone or phillyspotnews? Imagine what I know as a cop cause a lot of shit don’t make the news! This shit is bad! Lol, like really fucked up! All these prayers all these years and crickets from the man upstairs. Two things have to be true, either god doesn’t exist, or he does exist but he just doesn’t give a fuck about us. One or the other. Either that or this is truely hell and we are all in denial.

How long can prayers fall on deaf ears before people realize they are only talking to themselves? I know there are a few good people out there, but, I absolutely despise this world. So even if I could go back and do my life all over so I could have everything I’ve ever wanted I wouldn’t want to, not on this planet where everyone is suffering. I read a lot of philosophy and I get into physics.

You know, the double slit experiment, the multiverse theory, binary code in the universe and all that. I believe that there is also a strong possibility that this is all one big game anyway. I want to find my peace. And sometimes….the only way to win is not to play. So, I’m turning the game off. If there is another side I hope to see anyone that had love for me there, maybe God will give me a pass if there is such a thing, cause he knows like anyone who knows me even a little knows, I’ve been suffering in silence this whole time cause I’m an empath and I hate evil and it won’t leave this planet alone.

And if there isn’t a afterlife, then please know I finally found my peace in eternal sleep and forgive me, and don’t blame yourself, I’m just a Philly kid with a big heart that was always too heavy to survive on planet earth, maybe it’s not the best answer but it’s the one that gives me peace right now. Listen to Alan Watts “the dream of life”. If you truely awaken you will understand nothing really matters.

It’s just a ride. You can stay on the roller coaster if you enjoy the ride or get off. It’s all the same in the end. You can die when you want or when life decides to take you unexpectedly. I’m just choosing my time cause I’ve had enough of this game of life. It doesn’t really matter how you chew your food…it’s all going down the same way anyway.


As people celebrate Robert‘s life, tributes are coming in from all sides. As friends and family members remember Robert‘s life, social media is ablaze with tributes to him. Robert was a man of many virtues, a man with a heart of gold. It is truly crude that Robert‘s death took him away.

Robert‘s passing will undoubtedly leave a tremendous void. It will take longer for a chasm to bridge between family and friends. Without a doubt, people’s memories of Robert‘s death will endure forever. Facebook user; also shared the sad news in another online statements yeterday6. he statements reads below;

Ik you and dad watching down on us. I love you big bro😞.. God got a real solider today💔 … i jus wish i could tell you one last time how much you meant to me.. bot jus as my brother but as a man… i love you bro fly high wit dad 💔Robert Byrd

Funerals and Burial Arrangements

As a result of the many well-wishers who have sent their heartfelt condolences, Robert‘s family is receiving a lot of emotional support. They are praying for the deceased’s soul to find peace while also offering their condolences to the grieving family.

The family will make its announcement on Robert‘s burial arrangements. Details about the obituary, funeral, and life celebration will be made public by the family and loved ones at the appropriate time. We’ll do our best to keep you informed about these.