Rod McPike Died At 45, Founder of Propak System Rod McPike Airdrie AB Passed Away, Rod McPike Obituary

It is very tragic to hear about the passing of the founder of Propak Systems Ltd. Rod McPike. Propak Systems is widely popular for specializing in the engineering, commission, construction, and service of energy processing equipment and plants. Meanwhile, Prokak Systems is one of the largest manufacturers of its kind in Alberta’s Oil and Gas industry. According to the reports, the founder of Propak System named Rod McPike passed away at the age of 45. -Rod McPike Died At 45, Founder of Propak System Rod McPike Airdrie AB Passed Away

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Rod McPike Died At 45

His death news was affirmed and addressed by Mayor Peter Brown, he said, “Our condolences go out to Rod’s family, and all his friends and employees, He was an amazing man in life, and we are surely going to miss him.”

As Rod McPike died at a premature age, people are asking what was his cause of death and what led him to die. However, Rod’s cause of death has not been revealed yet.

Rod McPike was best known as Airdrie’s one of biggest businessmen who turned his small family firm into the city’s largest employer. According to Rod, Airdrie was the best place for his company to expand and grow and he also liked the building of his company on the east side of the highway.

Rod McPike Obituary

Mayor Brown penned a lengthy note after Rod McPike’s demise. Take a look at the note that he wrote:

“He touched a lot of different not-for-profits and events throughout the community, I go back to when we formed ‘The Mayor’s Run’ back in 2007. Certainly, Propak was one of the first ones at the table. And Community Links and other organizations that Propak supported over the years [showed] community was always important to him and Airdrie was always important to him … Everybody (in the local non-profit sector) is quite devastated with the news. And he did because he liked the community. Most of his employees moved here after they got a job. They were living in Airdrie and he didn’t want to uproot them … Not only is Propak our largest employer, but their current employees and past employees, and we are talking about thousands, have been impacted by Rod, and his team at Propak. He has created so much opportunity for individuals to raise a family, to buy a house. I really believe he was ‘the’ Alberta entrepreneur,” stated Brown. “He started out really from nothing, and then growing into our community’s largest employer … I know that entrepreneurial spirit that Rod truly embraced was (transmitted) onto the people who worked for him.”

—With files from Carmen Cundy/Airdrie City View