Saweetie leaked videos and photos viral on reddit and twitter, Full Video Link


Saweetie leaked videos and photos viral on reddit and twitter, Full Video Link

A new song by Quavo and a few lines from Takeoff’s new album have fans suspecting that Quavo spilled tea on Saweetie.

Quavo alludes to Saweetie’s relationship with estranged Migos member Offset in a new song on his album. This Friday, Quavo and Takeoff released their debut album Only Built for Infinity Links as a duo, which includes the aptly titled track “Messy.”

Some fans are convinced that certain lyrics suggest that Quavo’s ex-girlfriend is sleeping with Offset. “I said ‘Caresha please’ because she’s so messy (Woo, please)” Quavon raps on the track, possibly referring to Saweetie’s recent appearance on a Yung Miami podcast called Caresha Please.

“B***h fucked my partner behind my back but I’m not stressed (not at all) / You want the gang, you should say so, we’ll bless it (you should just say so)/ Now it’s not messed up (ugh).”

Social media went into overdrive after the texts were deleted amid speculation that Quavo was referring to a secret connection between Saweetie and Offset. One fan tweeted his thoughts on the situation, saying: “This is so confusing. Not only did you betray your wife again, but this time your cousin’s girlfriend.”

Saweetie and Quavo dated for two years but split in March 2021, when the “best friend” rapper explained she endured “betrayal” by her ex.

However, others believe Quavo was talking about Lil Baby, whom Saweetie allegedly dated after she and Quavo split. The Migos group seems to have been rocky since Offset unfollowed Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram in May and Quavo and Offset began performing as a duo and have now released their debut album.

“I just feel like we want to see our careers as a duo,” Quavo said on the Big Facts podcast. “Because we come from a devoted family. [We are] supposed to stick together. Sometimes when shit doesn’t work, it’s not meant to be.”

Saweetie, Quavo and Offset have yet to respond to the rumors.