Sohn tötet mutter istanbul – Drug addict boy killed his mother

Sohn tötet mutter istanbul – Drug addict boy killed his mother

The incident happened around 4:30 p.m. at 2005th Street in Fevzi Çakmak District. Ali S., who was allegedly a drug addict, is now arguing with his mother for unknown reasons.

Ali S. killed his mother with a knife and threw her head off a balcony onto the street before setting the house on fire. Upon notification, police, firefighters and health teams were dispatched to the scene.

The suspect locked himself in the burning house. The police team broke in and took the suspect away, and they rescued the injured suspect. Police continued to work on the incident while firefighters intervened and extinguished the fire.

The incident happened at night in 2014 on Fevziçakmak Mahallesi street in Bağcılar district. According to the argument, AS, 26, slit the throat of her mother Havva Sayan, 58, and threw her head out the window for unclear reasons. Riot police and special police rushed to the scene after notification.

Riot police took security measures around the house. AS saw the police and tried to fight back by burning down the house. After a long fight, the special police caught AS and took him into custody. It was revealed that murder suspect AS had previously escaped from a mental and borderline hospital.

On the other hand, the moment the young man threw his mother’s head off the balcony, there was also a reflection on the cellphone camera. In the pictures, citizens can be seen screaming in the streets and on their balconies while the king bangs his head on the ground.

Istanbul Police Department issued a written statement on the incident in Bağcılar where Ali S. killed his mother Hava S. with a knife and threw his head on the balcony. The statement issued read: “While working on a premeditated murder in Bağcılar district, around 4:00 p.m., the incident of a woman named HS (58 years old) was broadcast in Fevzi Çakmak district.

During the trials, a woman named HS was seen losing her life while a man named AS was found setting a fire in the living room of the house. The study identified a suspect named AS as the son of a murdered woman named HS, and it was also believed that the suspect was on the run due to a mental illness and borderline illness.

The suspect was caught by our officers at the scene, along with the tools he used to commit the crime. Suspects arrested in connection with the matter have been referred to the above authorities. An investigation is underway,” it said.