Stacey Jones Has Died – Cause Of Death

Veteran of the UAFS Stacey Jones’ cause of death?

Jones, the assistant vice chancellor for campus and community activities at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, recently announced his retirement. Before passing away this week, he ran the well-liked Season of Entertainment for 39 years.

Why did Stacey Jones pass away?

The retired UAFS veteran Stacey Jones passed away on Saturday, October 8, 2022. 
Stacey Jones passed away at the age of 80, according to news release issued by the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.


The venerable man apparently died at home in the City of Fort Smith, surrounded by his family. 
At this point, it is unknown precisely what led to his death.


What caused his death, exactly?

On Saturday, Stacey Jones passed away. 
He had long and arduous career and was 80 years old. 
At the time of writing, Stacey Jones’ exact cause of death has not been disclosed.


Given Jones’ advanced age, internet users speculate that he passed away naturally, although some users of social media assert that he had heart arrest immediately after waking up. 
Right now, nothing is certain.