Taylor Mauro Tragically Passes Away, Family Mourns Her Death.

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You will experience wide range of uncomfortable emotions as you read this. 
Unbelief, rage, despair, shock, and so forth. 
It will follow you around while you go about your daily activities, duties, and jobs. 
Spending time with your loved ones, friends, and coworkers will help you get over these awful emotions.


For Lital and her family, that is not the situation. 
In the same way that Lital’s lovely face, eye, jaw, teeth, arm, shoulder, and ribs were savagely cut, fractured, and smashed, their lives have been blasted to pieces.
Lital is a bright, mature young lady loved by so many in our close-knit Tenafly community and beyond. Being a straight “A” Junior at THS, she was excited about this year and beginning the process of touring colleges and planning for her bright future.
Before October 9th, she was a vibrant 16-year-old who celebrated Rosh Ha’Shanah with her loving family just a couple of weeks ago. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, working out at the gym, listening to music, dancing around her house with airpods in her ears, and working at the JCC, teaching young kids how to cook. That all changed last Sunday night, October 9th, on her way home from a party only five minutes from her house. She did not consume any alcohol that night, nor did her four other friends that left that party together in the same car, including the driver, as police reports indicate.
She was supposed to be the first one to be dropped off. She did not get home that night. Lital and her friends were chased by three different vehicles on the 9W. These aggressors deliberately tried to drive the car off the road, terrorizing the driver and the other passengers. One of the aggressors was impersonating a police cruiser by having a flashing light on his vehicle. He banged into the car Lital and her friends were in, causing the driver to lose control and forcing the vehicle off the road and smashing into a tree.
All of the survivors of this vicious assault that ended in terrible accident all have serious injuries and will need continuous, intensive medical treatment as well as many operations. 
It is nothing short of miracle that they are all still alive. 
They all have lengthy, arduous healing process ahead of them as well as tremendous bodily and emotional agony. 

After 7-hour surgery to repair her broken arm, rods and pins are now holding Lital’s bones together indefinitely. 
She shattered bones in her back, had bruised lungs, broke her jaw, eye socket, teeth, and palate, and had various abrasions on her face, hands, and body that required numerous stitches. 
Her face will need major plastic surgery to be fixed. 
Today’s procedure will be the first of many reconstructive procedures to rebuild her jaw and eye socket with metal rods and pins. 
Only the beginning lies ahead. 
It will take very long time to fully recover both physically and mentally.
Lital is fighter, and she and her family will need all the help we can give them to recover right now, while she is sedated, intubated, and on ventilator in the ICU awaiting her next surgery.


The moment is now for cooperation and assistance. 
Lital requires supplications, encouragement, hopeful words, and constructive deeds. 
The funds generated will aid in covering Lital’s medical costs.


The pictures provided here and the message are approved by Lital’s family. 
They have sincerely thanked everyone in the neighborhood for their support, prayers, and love throughout these trying times.