Val Joyce Death and Funeral Explained, Val Joyce Cause of Death

Val Joyce’s family is mourning his death. As per the sources, Val Joyce passed away on Saturday night in Blackrock, Dublin. He was best known for hosting a popular radio show for RTE. He lived a long illustrious career with the station. Meanwhile, RTE addressed that Mr. Joyce died last night in the presence of his beloved family members. However, his wife named Vera was not there to survive him as she died six years ago. Do you know, how did Val Joyce die?

How Did Val Joyce Die

How Did Val Joyce Die?

As per the source, Val Joyce breathed his last in the presence of his relatives, friends, and children, Sally, Kenn, Alan, Karen, and Julie. As of now, Val Joyce’s family has not revealed his cause of death. Thus it can not be answered how did Val Joyce die. His cause of death will be shared soon.

He was a native of Dublin. Prior to working as a radio host, he worked as an accountant at Irish Hospital Sweepstakes. Later during the 1950s he changed his domain and became a radio host. He broadcasted a number of programmes on Radio Eireann. However, his wife Vera was also among the singers who were on the first broadcast of RTE television in 1961 on New Year’s Eve from the Gresham Hotel.

What Is Val Joyce Cause Of Death?

Later in his career, he broadcasted ample radio shows including Airs & Races, Pop Call, and Sound of Light. Meanwhile, his most famous show was Airs and Races which used to air on Saturday afternoons during the 1980s. During his career, he worked with many well-known broadcasters like Terry Wogan.

While addressing his father’s death, Kenn said, “The only things he ever loved were horse racing and music and the theatre. Emails are flooding in today, and the things everybody remembers are his one-liners and wit, quite the large repertoire”

According to Val Joyce’s family, his funeral arrangements will take place in Dublin at Booterstown next week. Our sincere condolences and thoughts are with Joyce’s family and friends who are mourning his death.