WACOEXASHOOTING  – A shooting took place in Texas on Thursday, and local authorities say they have confirmed the deaths of five people and taken a suspect into custody. The 800 block of South Monroe Street in McGregor, which is located close to Waco, was the focus of the response from multiple law enforcement authorities. According to the authorities, there was also a shooting that involved an officer. During a news briefing, neither the identities of the victims nor the specifics of any shooting were shared with the media.

A representative for the Department of Public Safety (DPS) explained to the media that “the primary thing was an officer-involved shooting, in addition to another event that went occurred.” He stated that the police were now holding a suspect who had not been identified. The McGregor Independent School District informed TRENDING INNOVATIVES that all extracurricular activities scheduled for Thursday night have been canceled. The district stated that a decision regarding the programs scheduled for Friday night will be made at a later time.

As a result of the incident, the nearby Troy Independent School District called off its freshman and junior varsity football games.