Zalo Reyes Has Died, Obituary – Cause of Death

Zalo Reyes

Zalo Reyes Death and Obituary, Who is Zalo Reyes? Cause of Death

Boris Leonardo González Reyes (November 3, 1952; Santiago, August 21, 2022), stage name Zalo Reyes, was a Chilean singer nicknamed “Conchalí Gorrión”.

Reyes, recognized for his interpretation of the song “Un Ramito de Violetas”, is considered one of the most successful phenomena in Chilean pop culture, with a musical career spanning more than 50 years.

Son of a taxi driver, he was the youngest of four brothers in the community of Conchalí. He debuted as a singer in 1967, when he won the Monterey Mother Center Music Festival in his commune.

When he was in the Navy, there was another cadet, Gonzalez, so he was nicknamed “Gonzalito,” which later became “Zalito” and then “Zalo” when he chose an art cover letter.” He wanted his pseudonym to sound Mesoamerican and had pop.

With Lucho Gatica’s repertoire he appeared in different restaurants, tents, recreational villages and main squares, beginning to understand his musical proposals.

Together with the group Espiral he recorded his first successful album: “Una lágrima y un memoria”, which sold 80,000 singles on his first self-titled album.

Later he participated in several television programs such as Troncal Negrete and Festival de la una de Televisión Nacional de Chile. In 1979 he won with the song “Tears in the Throat”.